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no repay loan

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savana smiles  

help in time of need, Caring: Hoping that I can get help soon as possible

Hoping that I can get help soon as possible
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Sandrastewart I am on disability I am going to loose my home I cannot pay all the bills

Sandrastewart I am on disability I am going to loose my home I cannot pay all the bills and cannot get any help I am 61 years old and I have lost all hope I have tried every where to get help Florida has no resources to help the disabled I don't know what to do or where to turn now . I need help
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no repay loan: Praying for a miracle christmas for my grandchildren

Praying for a miracle christmas for my grandchildren
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Chiluba blessingtone  

no repay loan, Assistance from Nonprofits: when i complete college i will bring development for the country

when i complete college i will bring development for the country
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i am a mother of a two year old and am currently single. After a recent separation with the father of my child i am left with multiple months of unpaid bills that i am trying to catch up on. I am currently a full time college student of 3 years now trying to become a registered nurse to overcome poverty. I am also looking for a part time job but in this economy i am having complications with a job that works around my schooling.
Im not one to free load, as i am still struggling. But my family is no better of a financial situation. They try to help as much as possible but it is often not enough to cover my housing, electricity, water, gas, car insurance ect.. With that being said about a month ago my car started giving me trouble, (stalling, randomly kills, check engine light, brakes, power steering fluid leak, no a/c) and i have no money to get a mechanic to check it out. I also cant afford auto insurance. This puts me at risk for trouble with the law enforcement. Without my car i have no way to commute back and forth to school or to look for a job. This leaves me with no way to better myself and become self sufficient. I want to overcome this struggle and give my son a better life. If you could please give me any sort of assistance whether it be support or pointing me in the direction of a charity or organization that may be able to help it would be greatly appreciated.
May God Bless you.
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I have three kids and I'm a single mom I need help to pay my bills up I need help thanks

I have three kids and I'm a single mom I need help to pay my bills up I need help thanks
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963852741   in reply to Anonymous   on

I need money - free money to help pay bills

I dont mean to be no ass but this site evert time i come on an dcomment about needing help i never get no respond i dont know why some people lie about this shit they got plenty of money just want more i am 16 my name is katrina i am 6 weeks pregnate and i really do need help but if u cant help me then atleast tell me so i wont get on here every day expecting someone to help me sorry take care god bless
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Jojo1020   in reply to AidpageTeam   on


I wrote about myself thinking I was writing to someone, a team, a board, anyone that could hear my story and may try to imagine walking anywhere in my shoes for a little bit and maybe willing to talk more if needed or get some guidance on who can help me. Thank you for taking your time to learn more about me.
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Well I'm transgender but pre-op so I can't get a job because I don't look the way I'm

Well I'm transgender but pre-op so I can't get a job because I don't look the way I'm expected to look. Pretty deep in debt from trying to get by all these years without a a single penny of help from the government either. Back in college a second time to see if maybe having TWO degrees will be more powerful than my physical appearance not matching what's between my legs? Yes, funny how something our potential employers never see determines everything, doesn't it? Also an animal rescuer & racked up debt caring for them all. I really do want to get ahead in life and be someone that gives to those in need but the chances of that happening are very grim for someone like me.
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im a mommy  

no repay loan: a mommy of 4 going thru a hard time paying my bills and a mommy of 4 going thru a hard time paying my bills and so behind on all these.....i cant find much help...any place here where i live in colorado....i dont want to loose my house....ive thought about bankruptcy but i dont have any money for that....y part....time job.....cant do....i ask if please...any help i could get....letting me know where to go and might be able to get help.....with all this is appreciated....thanks so much....and god bless.....
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lifesucks   in reply to jdwedeez   on

free money to help pay bills

jd got some ideas for u online there is tons of freebies go to the and get ur christmas on go to couponsites for food do exstreme couponing u can get thousands of dollars in food and pay very little if u know what ur doing go to lesko .com the man is genius he is boss very cool and very bright for a geek about free governme nt moneys and others he is the bullwinkel of it merry christmas
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nicole goodlet   in reply to Roseb441702   on

"Ask Oprah And Ye Shall Receive"

Ms. Winfrey my name is nicole goodlet. Im hornored for your attention. I am a preagnant domestic violence victim. I ave excaped my abuser but it has cost me everthing i own and almost my life. I am desperate to relocate to another state for the saftey of my self and child whom he refers to as his property.I grew up in the foster care system and have no structured support sources. I have wrote a book of poetry decribing the life of a victim in hopes my words will encouradge other victims to have the courage to seek help,and one day have the honor of joining your book club. It is titled dead awake the birth of a paper flower. I am homless and my car has been repoed but i still have my health and my faith.I am in desperate need of a vehicle and funds to relocate and obtain a safe living environment for my child. I pray for your assistance and the chance to meet you in person.I have watched you on tv since i was a little girl and i know you are the guardian angle i been praying for.
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keke 1981   in reply to keke 1981   on

keke 1981

I am 30yrs old i have three kids two boys and a girl my oldest is 12(boy) ,my girl is 9 and my last child is a boy 8 i have let them down so many times i dont want to do it again i need help i am all alone and my mom past when my oldest was truning 2i was a foster child i have sisters and bothers but they are all younger then me i have no jod i have notin i just need some one to talk to some times to put me on the the right path can you help me i hope so
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51 yrsold white male.Single,never married.Lives alone.I live in Columbus,Ohio.HIV+ for 20 years.I wasdeclared disable in the year 2000.Had other health problems on top of that.Including depression.I went through "Wasted Syndrome" a few years ago and recovered from that.Now,I'm suffering from a foot condition called"Plantar Fasciitis"It makes it diffcult to walk or to stand on my left foot for along time.I live in a small one bedroom apt. My 2000 Ford,Windstar needs a new alternator,shock absorbors on the rear end of the car.Also,it needs engine work done on it as well.I do reciecve SSI for my disability. But, it's not enough for the car repairs.I'm looking for a free grant or free car repair work for the disabled.Just point me in the right direction for the help I need.
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